email clients

marc gmane at
Fri May 1 19:28:52 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton said:

> marc wrote:
>> Derek Broughton said:
>>> marc wrote:
>>>> As I mentioned, I don't have dovecot installed, so it can't be that.
>>> That doesn't necessarily follow.
>> It follows.
>>> What IMAP server _do_ you have?  If
>>> you say "none", then it isn't the same problem.
>> Er, if you say so.
> You didn't answer.  What IMAP server do you have?

I don't have a local IMAP server. I use a number of different ones 

>> To get this straight, I see the exact same symptoms that Dotan
>> described,
> I believe that was me and it doesn't appear to be the same based on the
> information you've given so far.

Okay, I've lost the plot on this thread. So, I'll leave you guys to it.


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