Flash and Linux

GreyGeek GreyGeek at earthlink.net
Fri May 1 18:06:13 UTC 2009

John L Fjellstad wrote:
> "Terrell Prude' Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> writes:
>> fault.  The problem is that Flash is a proprietary format and Adobe 
>> keeps the wraps on said format.  
> And by under wraps, you mean publish them on their website:
> http://www.adobe.com/devnet/swf/
Which doesn't mean squat when you follow the License trail began at your

"Adobe seriously considers all feedback to the SWF file format
specification. E-mail any
unclear or potentially erroneous information within the specification to
Adobe at
flashformat at adobe.com. All such email submissions shall be subject to
the Submitted
Materials guidelines in the Terms of Use at

Which leads to http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/

That EULA includes a DRM which prevents me including a quote in order to
point out to you that you that like any proprietary license they have
ALL the rights and you have none, except to pay them money when ever
they deem necessary.   (I thought I had a constitutionally protected
right of "Fair Use"?    Just because I can't afford a lawyer to protect
my rights, if only one can even do it, I have no rights at all?)

The GPL it is not.

Yes, it IS UNDER WRAPS.   Just try an change or improve the source and
see what rights you really have.

And, I don't doubt for a second that if market conditions made the SWF
the only game in town a per-use subscription service would immediately
follow, soon to be followed by the MS model of software development.

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