Need to connect to internet after installing 9.04

thudfoo at thudfoo at
Fri May 1 16:24:18 UTC 2009

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:

> GreyGeek wrote:
>> thudfoo at wrote:
>>> I ran the live CD version of 9.04. While doing so I was able to add the
>>> kppp package in order to connect to the internet. Okay, that worked out.
>>> Then I installed. Now Kubuntu don't no squat about any kppp (or
>>> kinternet, for that matter). How do I get online with my external modem
>>> or get kppp/kinternet installed?
>> Boot the LiveCD and reestablish the Internet connection using Kppp.
>> Then download the kpp package but don't install it.  Mount your file
>> system that is on the HD and copy the Kppp package over to it.
>> Reboot.
>> Install the package.
>> Someone else may come up with an easier way.
>> GG
> Wouldn't it be the same to use the package manager of choice from the
> regularly booted system? By default and without any internet connection,
> it should go to the cd to find out packages. I'd just try to install
> Kppp that way before reverting to live cd and manually downloading the
> packages.
> HTH,
> I.

That is what I did. That is how I know kppp was not available. I now believe
there is something wrong with the package management system. Perhaps things
didn't get hooked up correctly because I clicked on the Install on the
Desktop while running the Live version rather than choosing Install from
the boot menu.

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