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marc gmane at
Fri May 1 15:23:59 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton said:

> marc wrote:
>> John L Fjellstad said:
>>> Derek Broughton <derek at> writes:
>>>> otoh, I do still have the same old problem I've had for 4 years - you
>>>> can not hibernate the computer with kmail open and be able to access
>>>> the IMAP folders when you resume.  You have to exit, restart
>>>> kmail/kontact first. otth, I suspect this is actually a dovecot
>>>> problem not a kmail one.  I wonder why I haven't configured dovecot
>>>> to shutdown/resume on hibernate :-)
>>> Must be a dovecot problem because I don't see that problem with kmail
>>> against courierimap.
>> As I mentioned, I don't have dovecot installed, so it can't be that.
> That doesn't necessarily follow. 

It follows.

> What IMAP server _do_ you have?  If
> you say "none", then it isn't the same problem.

Er, if you say so.

To get this straight, I see the exact same symptoms that Dotan described, 
I use IMAP exclusively, yet you declare it a different problem. Okay!

> This problem is very
> specific to having an IMAP folder open in KMail, and has to do with
> KMail and/or the IMAP server believing the user is still logged in after
> resume, but the session being unusable.


> The original KDE bug was
> claimed fixed, but it was never resolved for me.  If _either_ KMail or
> the IMAP server would force logout a session inactive for "N" minutes,
> and the other end would recognize that, it probably wouldn't be a
> problem.

Hmmm I'll leave you guys to debug. Please ignore my input.

But the problem is kmail's handling of IMAP. I betcha.


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