Where is the kdm's "default" stored?

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Mon Mar 30 06:52:39 UTC 2009

marc said...
> I have a problem that when I logout of kde, then login from kdm, I am 
> logged in to gnome.
> .dmrc is correctly storing the last selection made from kdm.
> This looks like a bug, but before I raise it, I'd like to know where the 
> default is stored. Thanks.

Okay, I suspected that this is in alternatives - but who knows whether 
this has been changed in kde4 or not.

  update-alternatives --display x-session-manager

shows kde and gnome entries with gnome winning (prio 50 vs 40), so I 
suspect that this is the problem.

My question is now: How do you manager alternatives in kde4?


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