No sound in Kubuntu 9.04

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 29 22:42:19 UTC 2009

Alain Muls wrote:
> Hi
> I have an Acer 6935 system. Kubuntu 9.04beta detects as sound card the HDA Intel 
> (ALC889 Analog) device, as listed in the multimedia tab of system settings.
> I checked the mixer so that all available sliders are at non 0 values, yet I do 
> not have sound. Does anyone else has the similar problems, and solution :-)
> Tx/Alain
Was there only the one choice in the multimedia tab of system settings, 
and did you test the other options, if available.  If there are other 
choices, highlight each and test it.  perhaps one of the other choices 
may work.  That is sometimes the case, I believe.  Remember, I am a 
novice, I am just trying to help.  If someone with more experience comes 
on the List, let their recommendations trump my ideas.  In my computer, 
I have 4 choices. Fortunately,  they all relate to my on-board audio.  
Nonetheless, in my old computer, the onboard sound was not the drivers 
that worked, but the alsa drivers did.  The sound was great, so it did 
not matter that the drivers did not match my audio source.  Hope this helps.


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