Kubuntu and ubuntu installers fail with Grub error

Rod Lovett rodlovett at ozemail.com.au
Sun Mar 29 10:17:39 UTC 2009

Hi both Kubuntu and ubuntu 32 bit jaunty desktop isos were wasted 
downloads as both gave grub errors after install on my machine, even 
after repartitioning the drive with pmagic.
The alternate ubuntu 32 install ncurses install worked however and I 
installed kubuntu-desktop 4.2.1.
Still prefer kde 3.x so far, bits missing still in kde4.x, time will tell--

Perhaps my sata dvd rom confused the desktop isos, they sure did not 
work for me!
No other Kubunu releases complained however in the past on this AMD 64 
dual processor machine with Nvidia, as the machine is 32 bit compatible 

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