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> I've reached the point that the system (seems, anyway) is seeing the cd. When 
> I try to mount it, though, I'm getting the message
> 	"No Medium Found".
> ... and yes, there is a data CD in the drive.
> Ideas?
> ---Michael
I don't know what others have experienced, but one day recently
I did have a problem with mine.  I was unable to open the disk
drawer to add or remove a disk and I could not get the icon with
a right click to "eject" the disk or open the drawer.  I cound not access
the disk once I had one in the drive.  After much confusion and
frustration I checked the permissions and found I had none.  So I
had to 'chmod' the cdrom in /dev to to give me permission.  After
that the button on the front of the drive worked, I could open the drawer
and close it with "eject" and all was, temporarily, right with the world!
Good luck!

Tom Bell

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