Kubuntu Jaunty beta desktop kaput installer

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Mar 29 06:17:22 UTC 2009

Rod Lovett wrote:
> Tried to install Kubuntu jaunty beta 32 from the desktop cd, goes OK
> then throws up  a desktop again minus installer towards the end and
> does not install grub properly and gives a grub error.
> So it is a kaput installer.

I don't think it is a general problem because it worked for me. Now what 
is your message?

Is it a bug report? Then it is lost here. Please file a bug at 
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/> and include some more details.

Is it a help request? Then please tell us a what the grub error message 
is and what hardware you have.

Is it a warning for others? Well then, thanks for the info, but as not 
everybody has this problem, please give some detail about your 


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