Help with CD - No Medum Found

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Mar 28 17:57:26 UTC 2009

Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> I've reached the point that the system (seems, anyway) is seeing the cd. When 
> I try to mount it, though, I'm getting the message
> 	"No Medium Found".
> ... and yes, there is a data CD in the drive.
> Ideas?
> ---Michael
I am not so experienced, so take my comment with a grain of sand, but I 
have had problems with certain brands of CD's and DVD's where they are 
not recognized by my DVDRW.  I currently have that problem with some 
DVD's.  I have a hundred of them and they are unusable.  I bought them 
on sale, and suspect they are a problem brand.  Can't remember what that 
was, to avoid it happening again.  Nonetheless, other brands work fine.

It is just a thought, if you have recently purchased new media, that 
might be your problem, at least with the "no Media Found" error.  Hope 
this helps.


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