Decent Download Manager

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Mar 28 17:51:50 UTC 2009

> blieve it or not, i've been using wget for the past few months since
> it does resume after an interruption, but i have no idea how to let it
> download something sequentially, like stop it now, and ask it to
> resume a certain link on this certain partially downloaded file. can
> wget do such thing?
Sorry to respond so late to your reply. I do not have windows anymore, 
and can't really afford to buy it for this single purpose. Nonetheless, 
I have the problem. I never had it before I built my 64bit box, even 
though I read this type of thing has been happening since as far back as 
Feisty. Kget was recommended by one of the monitors of the List, but it 
doesn't even speed up a download as far as I can tell. Before the 
problem began, I was averaging 322kbps download speed. With Kget it 
averages 10 less. Right at 312 or less.

The only things that differ since the problem began, are as follows. I 
went from 32 to 64bit. I went from a 2300mhz processor to 4 of them (my 
quad AMD). I changed to ECC ram. I changed from 1gb to 8gb of ram. (I 
have had a tickle in my thoughts about what fast processing might do to 
a lower input speed. I am sure that kind of thinking is not logical 
thinking, but I have never been accused of that anyway.) Another thing 
is the possibility that it is a possible bug in the OS, and mine is 
experimental which should be suspected, Jaunty Alpha, but I can't even 
download a lesser version of the OS, because that is in fact what I am 
trying to download right now and being paused on every attempt. Guess I 
will have to live with it, until someone discovers the solution; at 
least I know that I am not the only one with the problem.


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