Help with CD - Update Description

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Fri Mar 27 23:08:54 UTC 2009

I need to check my eyes again. The CD device is configured for scd0 ... which 
seems more reasonable. The problem, still, is that the device is not 
accessible and is not auto-mounting, which seems strange for Hardy.

Again, any ideas / help

On Friday 27 March 2009 05:47:05 pm Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> I've installed Kubuntu Hardy on a laptop. Since I've done that, I can't
> access the CD. I note that, in FSTAB, it seems to be set for /dev/sdd0 -
> which seems a bit strange as I only have one disk (sda) on the system
> besides the CD. I know that it's possible to scan for where it should be
> and correct it, but I can't remember the procedure.
> Could someone refresh this old guy's memory? If there are other ideas /
> insights on this, I'm interested as well.
> Thanks in advance.
> ---Michael

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