Multimedia problem.

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Fri Mar 27 19:56:19 UTC 2009

stevenvollom at wrote:

>  From what I am hearing, a few people think I shouldn't use Jaunty 
> Alpha, but it is still less a problem than Intrepid was.  As far as 
> Jaunty being over my head, shoot, Feisty still is.  I don't see the 
> difference in that respect.  Things are slowly changing, because while I 
> could not boot to a working screen, I remembered how to Ctrl+Alt+f1 to 
> get a shell, and I was able to get the most recent upgrades and updates 
> installed before I contacted Nils.  That surprised me.  With just a 
> little more knowledge, I could have resolved that problem myself. 
> I wish you could hear the audio now and see the video.  I have never 
> experienced anything so excellent.  With the exception of the crash when 
> the new driver update came, the other problems do not really affect my 
> use.  Is it preferred that I don't ask for help when I do experience a 
> problem with  Jaunty?  If I shouldn't be asking help, I will stop, but I 
> wouldn't know what to change to with the new box.  Jaunty seems the only 
> application that suits the new box's particular needs.  I will do 
> whatever you say, Eberhard, I just don't understand why I shouldn't use 
> Jaunty.  

Dear Steven,

in general, no matter what "a few people think", those people can tell 
you their opinion about certain things, but they never can decide for you.

You can and you should use anything that works best for you. So if this 
is jaunty, then go for it.

But if my using it is causing any unnecessary problem with the
> list, 

I cannot speak for the list, but at least for me, I do not care which OS 
version you are using. You might use Windows, Linux, anything...

Again, when it works best for you, use it.

> Another thought:  Perhaps you are confusing my build of the old box for 
> Robert.  I tried Xubuntu for that machine, however, after installing it, 
> I would lose the GUI in about an hour.  I uninstalled twice receiving 
> the same result.  I now have Intrepid 32bit  installed for him.  I did 
> not install Jaunty 32bit.  But my personal experience with the two OS's 
> is that Jaunty 32bit is probably the better choice, but out of respect 
> for you and the moderator, I installed Intrepid. 

Thanks, Steven, but there is nothing to respect. When Jaunty 32bit works 
better for your purposes on the old machine, just go for it.

  The problems I
> experience with the old box were with Xubuntu.  Once I learn how to make 
> a virtual box, I would like to try Xubuntu again to see if I could get 
> it to function on the 64bit box as a 32 bit application.

This is extremely easy. Just come back and ask when you will start with 

   Kind regards

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