Firefox v3

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Fri Mar 27 13:32:41 UTC 2009

Goh Lip wrote:
>> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> Recently I installed FF v3.0.7 (Kubuntu Hardy) and it seems to work
>> well. The only problem is that it does crash out occasionally, 4 or 5
>> times a month. This was very rare with version 2.
>> Should I expect this with a newer version? Or is there something I could
>> do to sort it out?
> I think the problem is with adobe flash. The npviewer took up a lot of RAM. Has nothing to do with Kubuntu or KDE.
> Try going to a site without flash and see if problem persists or turn off your flash temporarily.
> Flash 10 is in beta though.
> Regards,
Or install the add-on Flashblock, one of my favorite add-ons. You only 
see Flash items when you want to

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