Multimedia problem.

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Thu Mar 26 07:05:15 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-03-25 at 19:19 -0400, stevenvollom at wrote:

> The combined .avi's play the same on both applications both have proper 
> sink on the first half, both are out of sink on the second half.  The 
> videos that are affected are the regular complete downloads that have 
> not been merged.  They play in sink during the first part of the film 
> and gradually lose sink more and more as the play proceeds.  It is like 
> they are a part of a second out of sink which gradually increases the 
> gap the longer it plays.  At the end of the movie, the mouths will move 
> for a complete statement and stop before the voice catches up to the sound.

If you have the original two halves, rejoin them again with your new 8
gigs of memory. Simple. Maybe read the docs for the app you used to do
that and look for hints to sync the audio better. That or use something
like Kino which will sync the audio for you. More memory, better
results. Ric


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