Downloads do not complete. Jaunty Alpha6 KDE

stevenvollom at stevenvollom at
Wed Mar 25 23:37:25 UTC 2009

Nils Kassube wrote:
> stevenvollom at wrote:
>> Jaunty is the first to 
>> deal with that issue effectively.
> Did the released versions not work with your hardware? If it is only for 
> efficiency, I would prefer using a released version of lower efficiency 
> for one month without the trouble which is likely to happen with the 
> alpha version.
With Intrepid, I couldn't get video at all.  While I was trying to get a 
screen back, I got the advice about the Jaunty Alpha.  I did not realize 
I was doing anything wrong.  From the first use of Jaunty, everything 
worked and worked better than I have ever experienced.  I did not 
realize what a fine computer my new computer is.  With the default 
Jaunty drivers, I thought it was working perfect, even the video.  I 
paused quite a bit before upgrading to the highest driver issue.  Again 
it was with a nudge from the person who advised me to use Jaunty that I 
did this.  The minute the new Video drivers were installed 180.37, the 
improvement was incredible.  The only problem I have had with Jaunty 
before the latest 180 upgrade was not being able to press the screen 
print button and have it work.  My memory says there was another issue, 
but I can't remember it at the moment.  With 64bit Intrepid, I couldn't 
even get a screen that I could work from.  I am sure I still have the 
original CD somewhere.  Should I send it to someone to check it?  K3b 
checked it for errors.  I am pretty sure it was not an experimental 
issue like Jaunty Alpha 6.  Until just recently, I did not know the 
Alpha's and Beta's were so different.
>> Additionally I thought it a good 
>> step for learning.  The problems I would face should help me learn. 
> I think the alpha / beta releases aren't meant as a learning exercise 
> for newbies but to help the developers to become aware of possible 
> problems before the new version is released. If you install alpha / 
> beta software you should better be able to get yourself out of trouble 
> on your own.
I didn't realize that.  Still, I have been more satisfied with Jaunty 
Alpha 6 than every other stable issue back to Feisty.  I may be 
mistaken, but you may be confusing the problems I was having with 
Xubuntu and my old box with the one and only real problem I have had 
with Jaunty, and I have been using it daily without problem for at least 
a week.  And it was working perfectly up until the last update before 
the video crash.  I still don't understand exactly what the help did 
that fixed it, but it is back to a wonderful OS again.  I just love 
Jaunty.  I have been told not to recommend it, and I will not.  Like I 
said to Eberhard, tell me which application you want me to change to and 
I will.  It just must work reasonably well with a 64 bit machine.  Also 
I would rather not remove any RAM if it isn't necessary.  Currently it 
had 8gb.  Intrepid only recognizes 4gb.  Thank you for the help.  Just 
tell me what you would have me do in specifics.


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