Multimedia problem.

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Wed Mar 25 20:07:14 UTC 2009

stevenvollom at wrote:

>> alpha 6 is not a method to test integrity of data.
> They play fine, and data checks as OK.  It is just at the beginning of a 
> movie the voice and  audio sink perfectly, but by the end of the film, 
> the video lags the sound by about a second and a half.  I have two 
> movies where I joined two halves of the movie together using avimerge, 
> and the second have of the movie had video and audio out of sink while 
> the first part were perfect.  What you are saying is that this is an 
> Alpha 6 Jaunty problem, am I correct?  Thanks.


to me, this does not look like an Jaunty problem, since you made up the 
files on
another computer which did not have Jaunty. You can check back by 
playing the files
on a computer without alpha software.

However, once again, you should not expect that people will be able to 
help you, when you are using alpha software.

As fist half is ok and second half it out of sink, my wild, but 
hopefully educated guess is that the conversion that you made, might 
have added a bit of tone delay to the converted part of the movie(s).

Kind regards

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