Decent Download Manager

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Tue Mar 24 17:37:43 GMT 2009

Willy Hamra wrote:
> Steven's email earlier reminded me of this question.
> is there any decent Download Manager in the world of Linux? i have a
> horrible connection, goes off and on a lot during the day, which makes
> it impossible for me to download any large file with no resume
> capability.
> i've seen quite a bunch of DMs so far, and they all fail horribly to
> resume. kget in many times, and for no reson or warning, would start
> from begining after days and days of downloading some DVD. the best DM
> i've seen so far is the "Internet Download Manager" for windows. it
> has all the functionalities i need. pause/resume, warns if file size
> on server changed. if anything goes wrong, warns before restarting the
> file. in many times it would only be a connection error, and the
> download is still ersumable if i try again, other DMs just start from
> 0 with no warning. and it's GUI is really neat. unfortunately, it's
> not free, and windows only. and have problems running under wine.
> so is there anything similar for linux?
> blieve it or not, i've been using wget for the past few months since
> it does resume after an interruption, but i have no idea how to let it
> download something sequentially, like stop it now, and ask it to
> resume a certain link on this certain partially downloaded file. can
> wget do such thing?
wget --help

have a look at "-c"


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