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Alan Dacey GrokIt at
Tue Mar 24 21:45:54 UTC 2009

Samir Shrestha wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Samir form India. I have been using computers since I was in 5th 
> grade that is when I knew and learnt about Windows. After years of usage 
> I still found windows to be a mere illusion which look good but hurts 
> lot. That is when I came I learnt about unix and came in touch with Mac, 
> which made me realize that ' the best co-existed with average '.  Mac OS 
> X Leopard has been a revolution and taught me to be ' free ' in true 
> terms. But Linux has really given me a new sense of freedom. I totally 
> advocate the philosophy and ideology of Linux users, developers and 
> forums. Honestly, I am pretty new to Linux but want to learn to learn 
> more and be a part of this team. I tried to use Kubuntu, unfortunately 
> my old PC could not run it so I had to settle down with Ubuntu which is 
> marvelous. I want to explore Linux and will need support from you guys.
> Is this the right place to put up my questions..
> I want to know can I install and run Ubuntu 8.10 and Kubuntu in my 
> Pentium (4) 2.8GHz dual core with 256MB RAM PC. 
> Felicitations
> Samir Shrestha
Welcome to Linux!
As others have already said, your best bet is to install Ubuntu - that's Ubuntu 
with the XFCE desktop.  Getting more memory would definitely help too.  I have 
an old IBM thinkpad a30 with a 900 Mhz processor and 512MB of memory.  All 
Kubuntu programs took a very long time to start so I installed the XFCE desktop 
also.  Now I can run XFCE as default and still use all the Kubuntu-specific 
things.  It runs much better that way.


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concept.  If you are very lucky you may attain *the* most satisfying thing in 
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