Multimedia problem.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 24 20:28:15 UTC 2009

I recently transferred some movies over from my old computer to the new 
one.  I have seen them before, so I am confident about the information I 
am providing.  In any event, the sound and video were in proper sink 
with all but a couple that had sink problems when I joined 2 part movies 
together.  CD1 to CD2.

Since I have been replaying movies on my new computer, I find that all 
of them, including those DVD's I purchased commercially, start out with 
voice and video in sink, but all of them are between 1 and 1 1/2 seconds 
out of sink by the end of the movie.  The sound lags behind the video.  
It happens in all three of the movie players that I have installed in 
the new box, so I don't think it is a player problem.  Is there a 
feature that is configurable in Jaunty Alpha 6 64bit KDE that can bring 
them back into harmony?  Is this a possible bug that needs reporting?

Is there an package that can correct this problem?  Thanks!


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