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Samir Shrestha wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Samir form India. I have been using computers since I was in 5th 
> grade that is when I knew and learnt about Windows. After years of 
> usage I still found windows to be a mere illusion which look good but 
> hurts lot. That is when I came I learnt about unix and came in touch 
> with Mac, which made me realize that ' the best co-existed with 
> average '.  Mac OS X Leopard has been a revolution and taught me to be 
> ' free ' in true terms. But Linux has really given me a new sense of 
> freedom. I totally advocate the philosophy and ideology of Linux 
> users, developers and forums. Honestly, I am pretty new to Linux but 
> want to learn to learn more and be a part of this team. I tried to use 
> Kubuntu, unfortunately my old PC could not run it so I had to settle 
> down with Ubuntu which is marvelous. I want to explore Linux and will 
> need support from you guys.
> Is this the right place to put up my questions..
> I want to know can I install and run Ubuntu 8.10 and Kubuntu in my 
> Pentium (4) 2.8GHz dual core with 256MB RAM PC. 
> Felicitations
> Samir Shrestha

Hello Samir,

Welcome to a new world of freedom!  I think you'll like it even more as 
you continue to progress.  I, too, originally came from a Microsoft 

Others have mentioned that your CPU is fine, but that you could use more 
DRAM.  I totally agree.  I wouldn't run any version of Ubuntu (that 
includes Kubuntu and Xubuntu) with anything less than 512MB DRAM, and in 
practice, I actually do it with 1.5GB.  The chief reasons are Firefox 
and  They will simply perform much better with room to 
"spread out", if you will.  I've previously done 256MB DRAM on an Apple 
PowerMac with Kubuntu Dapper Drake, but I stuck with KOffice and 
Konqueror for best memory usage.


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