re file folders pointing to desktop icons which one

Ray Burke rayburke30 at
Tue Mar 24 03:23:02 UTC 2009


Anyone help 24/3/09.....
I have a install of dual boot win xp pro sp3/
Kubuntu 8.04 with kde 3.
I have a problem with the desktop icons within K-

I thought that the icons that show on the desktop 
are the ones that are in the folder file 
/home/rayburke/Desktop but the ones on my desktop are
from the folder file /home/rayburke/ so why would they
point to this file and not to the /home/rayburke/Desktop/.
And within system settings under about me/paths is shows the folder
file attached to the Desktop as /home/rayburke/, and it should be
/home/rayburke/Desktop and if I change back to the previous what affect
does it have as when I click this change, it started to reload with 100's
of files within the /home/rayburke/Desktop, which I thought strange and stop
it, but it messed up these folder files,
Please can some one help me out??????????



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