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Mon Mar 23 14:40:53 UTC 2009

>I'm two days new to Ubuntu so please bear with me.  I've been having 
>trouble getting Adobe Acrobat Reader to install.  When I download ver. 
>8 as Adobe suggests for Linux, it would extract.  There are several 
>different suffix available.  Which one should I be using?
You don't need it since Kubuntu comes with pdf software.
But if you really want the Adobe brand then the best way to get it is like 
how you should get any software for Ubuntu, from your package manager. 
With a few clicks of the mouse you can have nearly any type of program you 
want.  All that software is in what is called 'repositories'.  Canonical 
maintains the core system and a LOT of other software too.  Some software, 
for whatever reason, either will not or can not be in ubuntu's 
repositories.  But don't worry, there are many of them out there.  The 
Adobe software lives in a repository called Medibuntu.  so the first thing 
you will need to do is to add that repository to the list that your 
package manager looks for stuff in.  Since you did not say what version of 
Ubuntu, or what desktop you are using, we can easily do that via the 
command line interface (CLI).  You will have to copy and paste some text 
into Konsole (if in KDE).  Then open up your package manager (Adept, 
Synaptic, KpackageKit, etc), search for the package and request an 
install.  That's it in English now for directions.  I am going to guess 
that you are using the Intrepid Ibex release (Kubuntu 8.10).  If not then 
you will have to change the word 'intrepid' to your release name.

1- add the Medibuntu repository to your list.
   -open up a command line
   -copy and paste the following lines into it
     you will be asked to enter your password after you press enter.
     full directions here:

     sudo wget 

   -now you need to tell your system that is OK to get stuff from here

     sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo 
apt-get update 

   -you are done on the command line, so you can close it out now

2- open your package manager and search for the following:

3- pick them to install and apply the changes

4- enjoy your Adobe Reader with forms support!

One bit of advice if you are using Adept as your package manager.  Adept 
has not worked well for me in the 8.10 release.  So if you cannot always 
find what you want in there, install the Synaptic package manager and use 


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