VMware VS VirtualBox

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at mail.ee
Sun Mar 22 21:03:35 GMT 2009

>>> I would like to add something
>>> VirtualBox OSE, in contrast to VirtualBox (the pay one) cames with
>>> NAT network out of the box.
>> The non OSE is free as in beer. The differences are in some
>> functionality, not in the price.
>> http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Editions
> That is not necessarily true. While you can download the PUEL version 
> for free, you may not use it for regular commercial installation. From 
> the link you posted:
> | The full VirtualBox package is available in binary (executable) form
> | free of charge from the Downloads page. This version is free for
> | personal use and evaluation under the terms of the VirtualBox Personal
> | Use and Evaluation License.    
> |
> | If, instead, you wish to purchase licenses for enterprise use and/or
> | enterprise support for VirtualBox, please do not hesitate to contact
> | your Sun representative.   
> You can read the full lisence here:
> <http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBox_PUEL>

Schools, science organizations and other academic organizations can also use PUEL version of 
VirtualBox for free.

VM Ware Server seems to be for personal non-commercial use only - 
http://www.vmware.com/download/eula/server.html - please see last rows:

"Distributing the Software. VMware Server is intended for your personal non-commercial use only. If 
you are interested in distributing the Software for internal or external use, promotion, review or 
as part of a solution, please apply at www.vmware.com/go/distribution."

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