VMware VS VirtualBox

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Mon Mar 23 13:12:08 UTC 2009

Irving Leonard wrote:

> I would like to add something
> VirtualBox OSE, in contrast to VirtualBox (the pay one) 

It's not a "pay one", it's just non-free.  In fact, Sun was really reluctant
to name conditions in which I would have to pay for a license.  But I have
it in writing that I can put it on a commercial server without paying for a
license.  If I then clone that server many times, they want me to pay.

> cames with NAT 
> network out of the box. I read that is possible to expose the VM to the
> network but you need to do some tunnels;

No you don't.  It comes with Host (bridged) interfacing out of the box, and
has for a while now (since 2.0 - last I checked it's at 2.1.4).

> VMWare-workstation can use 
> bridged networking out of the box (for free) so I sugest vmware for server
> deployment (unless you want to pay for virtualbox). 

You don't have to pay for VirtualBox in any conditions where you wouldn't
have to pay for VMWare (vmware _workstation_ is not Free, either). 

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