crontab does not execute

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Mon Mar 23 09:38:43 UTC 2009

Alain Muls wrote:
> Hi 
> I have the following entry in my crontab,

Did you use crontab -e to edit it?

> but it does not run at 15 minutes 
> after every hour.

What makes you think it is not running?

> WHat is wrong with it? The script is executable and runs 
> fine when executated at the CLI
> # get the GENA.ICS calendar from google calendar
> 15 * * * * /home/amuls/scripts/

That looks right.

> The gena calendar file also is not showing up its events in kontact/korganizer 
> although I have added it as a local file ics calendar?

Can you clarify?  I use several remote ICS files in korganizer with no
problem.  You should not need to use cron for automatic updates.
Instead, in the Resource Configuration for the remote calendar
(Right-click, edit), set an automatic reload interval.  Note that if you
save an remote ICS file manually (e.g. with wget) than import it into
Korganizer, future changes to that ICS file will be ignored unless you
manually import it again.  Thus, use an actual remote calendar when you
want to receive updates.

Matt Flaschen

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