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> I have a strange problem:
> I go to the Multiple Desktop tab in KConfig and tell set 4 desktops. I click
> Apply or OK and I am left with only one desktop! When I go there again,
> there's only one desktop.
> I am using Kubuntu Hardy (8.04.2) with KDE 3.5.10 and Compiz.
> When I go to the Compiz setup tool (CCSM) it says there's 1 desktop and I
> cannot change it (the slider and the arrows are gray...
> How do I add desktops?
> Thanks!
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> Amichai Rotman

This have been covered before; you probably missed it.  Go to CCSM >
General Options > Desktop Size and change the "Horizontal Size" to the
number of desktops you require.  If it is grayed out then you have an
issue with CCSM, either is is not loaded or some option in it is set to
prevent certain actions, i.e., multiple desktops.
Good luck!

Tom Bell
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