Proper use of junk mail feature?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 22 13:44:46 UTC 2009

> So moving junk to a folder, having a look at this folder any other week 
> to identify anything that was falsely classified and then setting the 
> junk to be deleted after say 30 days, imho sometimes works better.
> regards
> Eberhard
Your HO is just fine with me.  I would eat a bug if you told me to.

I finally think I figured out what you were eluding to with relation to 
Alpha 6 stuff.  Are you advised by the list to avoid Alpha's?  If not, 
and you haven't tried it, Jaunty Alpha 6, at least in my experience, is 
solid.  It only has a couple of minor glitches.  I just love it and 
couldn't change back.  For me it works better than all preceding issues 
of Kubuntu, even back to Feisty.

It is so good to hear your voice again.  How's the server coming, any 
progress yet?  keep me posted on your needs, my friend. 


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