Proper use of junk mail feature?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 22 03:51:41 UTC 2009

I am getting unwanted mail, for the first time in large quantities.  In 
Thunderbird, I click on the flame button to identify and allow TBird to 
learn.  If that is the correct process, what do I do with the unwanted 
mail?  Must I keep a folder containing the junk or does the flame 
reference provide the proper teaching tool for TBird? Or does the 
learning tool require that I keep junk in a folder to be able to 
remember it is junk? 

If I mark an address as junk, is there a way to have the marked email go 
to the appropriate folder automatically once identified as junk ? Where 
is the best place to locate the folder?  Or can I just delete it after 
it has been identified?  If deleting it is the best solution, can this 
be accomplished automatically deleting the item once it has been 
identified as junk?

I don't know how this feature works, and my search hasn't shown the 
answer.  I am learning how to post my questions better now and have 
failed on this one.  TIA.


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