SOLVED: Re: Jaunty - Hot Keys again :)

Lindsay Mathieson Lindsay.Mathieson at
Sat Mar 21 23:17:24 UTC 2009

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 08:19:08 am Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> Seems to one of those perennials with KDE?
> How do I create you command/key combinations in Jaunty Alpha 6? I just
> cannot seem to figure out how to do it. Specifically I want to assign
> Hibernate to a key.

Must be more pre-emptive with my google searches ...

"SystemSettins|Input actions" to create custom actions for khotkeys (which now 

The dbus command to hibernate the system is:

"dbus-send --session --dest=org.freedesktop.PowerManagement --type=method_call 
/org/freedesktop/PowerManagement org.freedesktop.PowerManagement.Hibernate"


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