OOo now using KDE dialogs! RESOLVED with thanks to every one trying to breach my rock hard brain.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Mar 21 03:48:04 UTC 2009

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 17:32 -0400, Steven Vollom wrote:
>>  I have only read a few instructions, 
>  Remember when I sent those links to you on several occasions that
> demonstrated how to use google? Some folks got a chuckle out of that??
> So, please don't say that you had no clue. You had a live demonstration
> on the use of google. Twice now. Ric
Dear Ric,

I don't dispute what you are saying.  Did you read Frans' email to me?  
It was different from all the other I received.  I in no way mean to say 
I did not hear from you first.  In fact I seem to remember you telling 
me to learn how to use Google.  Many have.  But you have to know how to 
use Google to find the websites that Frans provided me.  I was unable to 
find them on my own.  I used Google completely wrong for many years.  It 
was only luck when I would be able to find the answer I was seeking.  
Grans put a link to a specific web page that explained the use of 
Google.  I have never seen that page before and I could never forget if 
I did.  If you sent the link to me, I just don't know what happened.  If 
you gave me a test to find things, and I typed in what I always did when 
searching the web, you would just laugh at the results.  You may read 
100 pages of web addresses before you even got close to one that was 
useful at all.  I have tried the instruction from Frans.  Everything I 
search for comes up almost in the first option.  It is glorious.  And I 
will never use the old technique again.

In the emails that followed what were considered complete and thorough 
instruction were missing the ingredient that is present in Frans' 
email.  By providing me to the exact site, I found out on the first page 
what I had been doing wrong.  It hurt a bit because it was so simple and 
logical, but it also felt good.  It was like taking a splinter lodged 
deeply under a fingernail too deep to be reached with a tweezers.  And 
removal felt just as good.  I started saving emails from everyone a few 
weeks ago.  I am going to search through your emails to see if you 
perhaps did include the address of the site, for without it, no matter 
how many times I was told to go figure out how to use Google, without 
that first instruction of Frans' I would never have known how and would 
be hamstrung like before.  You sure will hear from me if you did provide 
the site.  I will straighten out the truth for you benefit on the list, 
but if it is like so many referenced from others, it was just one step 
after my understanding.  Several have stated they gave me the link.  So 
far each is the same, excepting the one from Frans.  When Lisi referred 
to it, she said what do you have to do give him baby food.  Truth is, 
Yes.  I needed that level of instruction.  I was totally blocked.  And 
when I saw the answer it seemed so easy and logical.  I felt a fool, but 
I would rather be a fool and have the answer than not have it and have 
false-regard.  In some things I am still a baby, I guess.  Not bad to be 
that way when you are old as I am.  I am still very grateful for all you 
have done for me.  You have helped me many times.  Actually I hope to 
find myself at fault in this matter.  I would rather take more hits than 
have you not recognized for your excellent help on the list.  You are 
one of the very best in my opinion. 


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