gos - Ubuntu derivative (UPDATE!)

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 01:23:28 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 16:52 +0200, Nigel Ridley wrote:
> Has anybody tried gOS [http://www.thinkgos.com/gos/index.html]?
> It's a ubuntu derivative with a lightweight desktop.
> It looks kind of cool and simple to use (for my wife and daughters).
> Any thoughts?

Nigel, it worked like a charm on Mom's Machine. While it might take a
tweak or two, that's nothing out of the ordinary. Mouse and keyboard
works just fine. I re-installed Kubuntu one more time, just to be fair.
During the graphical install, keyboard and mouse worked just fine and I
had display. This time I touched nothing, I resisted the urge to open a
terminal using the alt-F2 method ...REAL text mode, and let it install
with no peeking. Same same, when I rebooted no mouse, no keyboard (both
plain ole ps/2 devices) so I said to heck with it. 

Burned the gOS CD (one frapping CD only, mind you! Minimal!) and I left
it alone until time to remove the CD and re-boot. Flawless. Works. NIFTY
apps, a bunch from Google. Minimal desktop, fer sure ...but for Mom's
machine that ran Win95, this is an improvement. I highly recommend it to
anyone with slow again iron who can resist the urge to make it more than
it is. You know who you are. <grins> 

For Kids and Mom's and just about anyone else, I highly recommend it.
Open Office and Firefox is loaded as well. Not bad for a CD's worth of
install. Thanks Nigel! You are a charm. Ric


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