How do I fix a mistake in a feature of Kmail?

Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Mar 21 01:01:35 UTC 2009

Lindsay Mathieson wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Mar 2009 12:09:51 am Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Closed kontact, opened kontact, tried again.  All those "mar." addresses
>> are back.  At least I now think I have enough information to file a bug
>> report.
> What format is you Address book resource? wouldn't be a groupware imap box
> on a disconnected imap provider?

No.  Now, I think there _is_ a resource pointing at google, but I don't use
dIMAP.  I don't quite understand "resources" - they're not well
documented - but it does access the google calendar, but the "resource"
entries are correct.  It's the ones that are simply shown as "recent
addresses" that won't go away.

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