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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 21 00:28:15 UTC 2009

> We do, Steven.  But you are not trying in the right way.  Rather as though you 
> were trying to ride up a steep hill on a bike with a high gear ratio.  
Believe me I agree with you almost completely.  If you haven't tried Jaunty
Alpha 6, you should.  Thus far it is the easiest OS to use since I first 
installed Feisty.  It is also the most stable.  I only have 3 thing that 
are a problem, none are critical.  Print screen doesn't work, I am 
having problems installing an application called e-Sword which I have 
always gotten working through the past distributions, I can't remember 
the third.  To have me reverse at this point would be punishment.

How I have managed to do it, I have a pretty fancy 64bit that uses the 
nVidia 780a chip, with 8gb of ram.  The others can't handle it.  With 
Jaunty it is a breeze.
> You 
> need to learn the most basic things before trying all these weird and 
> wonderful things.  Don't use Alpha software.  Don't install GTK if you don't 
> know what it is, and probably not if you do.  Look up the vocabulary if you 
> don't understand it.
I can't really take the Alpha software advice, it isn't a problem only a 
benefit.  I take all advice from the List.  I am at the bottom, the one 
closest to me is so many steps above on the ladder I can't yet see her.  
I look up the vocabulary as best I can, usually I still don't understand 
until I see examples, something to relate to.  I am an artist and think 
from a different hemisphere.
> Why installThunderbird when you didn't even know what it was? 
I was instructed, to solve a problem I was having.  I just prefer Kmail, 
but I can't use Kmail until I get my address book and email history 
transferred.  It would be too hard.  We are too distant to that problem, 
so I can't remember the specifics right now, but the recommendation was 
to install Firefox, because every time the thing I wanted to do was 
attempted Thunderbird was looking to Firefox for something when I didn't 
even have Firefox installed so by just installing Firefox that missing 
something was now in the computer.  It was a big solution for a small 

Here is an example of Jaunty's wonder.  Kmail would never install in 
Intrepid.  I had to use use Thunderbird or not have email.  Many from 
the list tried to help.  All gave the same advice.  I applied their 
advice meticulously and for whatever reason it would never work.  When I 
installed jaunty the first thing I wanted was email, so I though I would 
again try to install Kmail.  All I remember entering to the 
configuration was the pop address and the smtp address, clicking OK, and 
emails were downloading.  The first I answered was sent without 
hesitation.  I did nothing and it worked perfectly.  There have been so 
many outstanding improvements, and the OS is as solid as a rock as far 
as my system is concerned, I will never go back.  Jaunty automatically 
configured my router and local network without me doing anything at 
all.  I had been working a LAN problem for two weeks before that without 
success.  It all involved improper settings and mount points and other 
complex problems in my old computer, but Jaunty resolved all those 
problems without so much as a request on my part.  And many other 
improvements that would make things a lot easier for new users.  I 
think  maybe you should try Jaunty before you recommend anyone to 
reverse direction.  Jaunty Alpha 6.
> And above all READ the advice you are given carefully, reread it, make sure 
> that you have understood it.  
Actually I don't understand most of the time.  I am so careful about 
precision that I cut and paste wherever I am able.  But for sure I will 
try harder.
> Don't skim over it and then say we don't 
> understand you.
I don't skim ever, not understand maybe, but take lightly anything you 
say, never.
>  You remind me a bit of my granddaughter.  If I am around she will say about 
> everything on her computer:  "I don't know how to do this, Grandma."  So I 
> say:  "OK, darling.  Just let me finish this and I'll come and help you."  
> And when I turn to her a few minutes later and say that I am ready now she 
> says:  "Oh, it's OK, I've done it."  You leap at asking here before you have 
> actually digested the advice.
Hopefully you will see great improvement.  Today is the first time I had 
a clue of how to use Google properly.  The way I have been seeking 
information, I have been sent to the wrong places.  Same with wiki.  I 
have never used wiki because I tried to use it like Google, and I was 
using Google wrong.  On the google search line type in How do I use 
wikipedia and hit enter.  Then type in widipedia and see what you get.  
Then in wikipedia, type in How do I use Wikipedia? and see what you get, 
instead of wikipedia.  Now you will understand why you think I haven't 
been trying or looking for help first.  I rarely got to a useful page, 
and eventually came to where I could always get help.  I am very sorry, 
but I am sure I mentioned that in many emails and no one realized I 
actually typed my requests so poorly.
>  And here is another piece of advice:  Don't blindly follow something that you 
> haven't understood.  
If I took that advice, I might as well just shut off my computer.  It is 
getting a little better, but I rarely understand; I am always amazed 
when thing work.
> If in doubt, stop. Think.  Look some things up.  E.g., I 
> told you how make Google easier for yourself, but you didn't try it.  
I am sorry you think that.  I tried everything to the best of my 
ability.  I think Dotan followed with something similar, but it wasn't 
until Frans sent me an email with links that I was able to get to the 
correct address.  His help will make everything easier.  I was never 
getting to the correct address with Google even with your advice or 
Dotan's or many others who were kind enough to try to get through to 
me.  I have been doing it wrong for as long as I have used Google, and 
it has been my start page for maybe 15 or 20 years, as long as I can 
remember.  I learned to use it wrong long ago and didn't know it until 

just fired an email back saying that you were misunderstood. Luckily 
> spoon-fed you.  Think of the adage:  Give a man a fish and you feed him for 
> today.  Give him a fishing rod and teach how to use it, and you feed him for 
> life.
But to me, he gave me the fishing rod, not you.  No matter how hard I 
tried I could not figure your (collectively) instruction.  For 20 years 
I have needed baby food and only Frans was willing to give me what I 
needed.  After his help, I was able to see why I couldn't understand 
your instructions.  I have been struggling for 20 years, because no 
matter how many times I have been told the exact same thing, I was never 
able to understand.  I wonder how many potential linux users have just 
given up for a reason like that.  You can believe that whenever I see 
that kind of thing in a post, I will not make them wait 20 years to come 
to their level.  I have saved Frans's email, I will copy and paste it so 
even Frans will get the credit.  I laughed for about an hour after 
reading a bit of the page he directed me to.  I was so entirely happy.  
None of you were doing wrong either, you just did not understand me and 
because you though it baby food were unwilling to give me what I needed, 
when you obviously knew the answer.  We are not always lazy like you 
suspect.  I am working about 20 hours a day trying to keep up.  I even 
work when most of you are sleeping.  
Sometimes I will get my response from Hong Kong or South Africa or 
Germany or Great Brittain or Venezuela.  I am on an almost hug-a-friend 
basis with several.  I never ease up and try everything and do my best 
to search the answers, read the posts from other forums.  I have mostly 
been blinded by the help I didn't have from Frans.  I don't want you to 
think I don't appreciate your every help.  I never passed up anything 
you said.  I tried everything.  The only reason I resist you is that my 
personal computer, the new one works better than any computer I have 
ever owned.  I absolutely love Jaunty.  After Feisty, it is the first to 
take my heart.  I liked them all, but Jaunty is my Frans.  I won't give 
it up for anyone.  I am and always will be grateful for all the help you 
have given me.  Nonetheless, whenever you think I need to be spoon fed, 
you are right.  Whenever you think I am lazy, you are wrong.  I am 
sweating bullets to get my education.  I have never tried to exceed my 
abilities because most everything is above that and I don't know the 
difference in inquiring about GDK or what ever you said and anything 
else.  I just put my best effort into whatever I am taught, and do not 
have the ability to distinguish the difference.  Except Jaunty Alpha 6.  
I do see the difference; it is wonderful.


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