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David McGlone david at
Fri Mar 20 22:10:47 UTC 2009

On Friday 20 March 2009 11:59:41 am Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > I don't have Firefox in this browser, only Thunderbird.
> That type of sentence is the reason that I've started writing this:
> I need to finish it.
> >  Should I
> > install Firefox and make that change, or continue to edit Thunderbird as
> > it presently is?
> Go read what Firefox and Thunderbird are, first, try wikipedia for that.
> > I do not yet know what GTK is or Mozilla- specific menus, nor what they
> > do.
> Read about gtk on wikipedia, and "Mozilla-specific" refers to anything
> that only affects Mozilla products.

Here ya go Dotan:

I would be obliged to fill in this one if you don't mind. And a little extra I 
see your missing. The extra's are questions I get all the time.

Web Browser: This is software that enables you to browse the World Wide Web. 
There are several different browsers, Firefox, Konqueror, Internet Explorer, 
and Opera to name a few.

Download: This is when you get a file that is stored on the World Wide Web and 
transfer it to your own computer.

Upload: This is when you take a file that is stored on your computer and 
transfer it to the World Wide Web.

Just for Kicks:

Internet Explorer: Why not just hand em your debit card, right along with the 
pin code.

Firefox: Lean mean browsing machine.

Opera: An Internet Explorer wannabe, but makes the thief work a tad bit harder 
for your money. Is also a memory hog, and loves to crash, not just the 
application, but your whole system!

Image Editing Software: A piece of software that can really really enhance the 
looks of that very very ugly guy/gal you thought was beautiful after a couple 

Photoshop: Same as above, except you get ripped off too.

Gimp: The best image editing software you'll ever see. It can turn those 
really really ugly guy's/gal's into super models in no time!

David M.

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