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Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 22:10:40 UTC 2009

On Friday 20 March 2009 21:06:11 Steven Vollom wrote:
> Thanks Lisi, I don't think any of you realize how hard I am trying.

We do, Steven.  But you are not trying in the right way.  Rather as though you 
were trying to ride up a steep hill on a bike with a high gear ratio.  You 
need to learn the most basic things before trying all these weird and 
wonderful things.  Don't use Alpha software.  Don't install GTK if you don't 
know what it is, and probably not if you do.  Look up the vocabulary if you 
don't understand it.

You ought honestly to have installed 8.10, not  9.04.  Or even perhaps 8.04.  
Just a basic system, accepting defaults all the way.  It would have done 
everything that you needed without your having to stir a step or click a 
finger.  You could just have used what you were given.  Why install 
Thunderbird when you didn't even know what it was?

And above all READ the advice you are given carefully, reread it, make sure 
that you have understood it.  Don't skim over it and then say we don't 
understand you. 

You remind me a bit of my granddaughter.  If I am around she will say about 
everything on her computer:  "I don't know how to do this, Grandma."  So I 
say:  "OK, darling.  Just let me finish this and I'll come and help you."  
And when I turn to her a few minutes later and say that I am ready now she 
says:  "Oh, it's OK, I've done it."  You leap at asking here before you have 
actually digested the advice. 

And here is another piece of advice:  Don't blindly follow something that you 
haven't understood.  If in doubt, stop. Think.  Look some things up.  E.g., I 
told you how make Google easier for yourself, but you didn't try it.  You 
just fired an email back saying that you were misunderstood.  Luckily someone 
spoon-fed you.  Think of the adage:  Give a man a fish and you feed him for 
today.  Give him a fishing rod and teach how to use it, and you feed him for 


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