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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 20 21:06:11 UTC 2009

> In general, you will get more sympathetic responses to your requests for help 
> if you can say what you have already done to help yourself.  Otherwise you 
> risk being told to RTFM.  And no, I can't translate for you!  There are words 
> that nicely brought up young ladies did not say in the dim and distant past 
> when I was young. ;-)  Ask a computer literate male friend.  Or, even better, 
> Google it.  It came out first in the list when I looked just now. 
> Lisi
Thanks Lisi, I don't think any of you realize how hard I am trying.  The 
length of my replies is because I don't understand much of the 
instruction some times and have little to fall back on in the way of 
good experiences, I find my self trying to become understood to get 
easier answers.  Even those who get curt with me have my respect and 
admiration.  Most have tried to help me many times, and I am sure they 
get frustrated.  Forgive me when I screw up, because it unintentional.  
Don't feel the need to cut my feelings any slack.  Dotan has been more 
abrupt and curt with me than anyone else, but he forces me to work in 
ways that help me learn faster.  I will never be able to repay him.  
Again Thanks!


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