OOo now using KDE dialogs!

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Mar 20 19:05:23 UTC 2009

> When I went to Wikipedia, I typed in the question, 'What is
> Firefox?'there was no answer.  I did the same for Thunderbird and got
> the same reply.

I suggest that you learn to use Wikipedia and Google before attempting
anything else today, then. The skill to use those two websites will
help you greatly in life.

> I installed GTK for 64bit machines.  I don't really understand what it
> has to do with my current problem and was only able to understand in
> part what id does.  It looks like it reads several different levels of a
> signal, but I am not sure.

As soon as you become familiar with using Google and Wikipedia to find
answers, you will have no trouble understanding what GTK is.

Dotan Cohen

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