URL in message does not work.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 20 18:47:31 UTC 2009

Ian L. Target wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I am using Thunderbird at the moment.  Jaunty Alpha6 KDE.
>> When I receive a URL in the body of a message and click on it to be 
>> redirected, it does not work.  I must copy the address, open the browser 
>> and apply the address.  This seems unnecessary.  Is there a way for me 
>> to correct this or is it a bug for Jaunty?  Thanks.  I have a working 
>> kmail but am not using it at the moment because I haven't moved the 
>> addressbook and email records over yet; is this a problem for kmail users?
>> Steven
> Put the following line in your prefs.js file:
> network.protocol-handler.app.http
> For the value, type in the path and name of the browser you want to use.
> Ian
Dear Ian, I am getting many emails with this instruction, however I am 
very confused.  I used Dolphin to find the prefs.js file.  There were 8 
different entries.  They said not to edit, yet somethimes gave an 
instruction to add to the manual.  To one has told me to modify the 
manual, so I haven't.  Because of the 'Don't Edit' instruction, I wonder 
if I should edit all 8 or if they all are changed when I execute the 
above instruction.  Additionally, when editing the prefs.js file, do I 
just make my entry at the bottom of the list or is it to be incerted 
between other lines?


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