URL in message does not work.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 20 15:47:01 UTC 2009

Ian L. Target wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I am using Thunderbird at the moment.  Jaunty Alpha6 KDE.
>> When I receive a URL in the body of a message and click on it to be 
>> redirected, it does not work.  I must copy the address, open the browser 
>> and apply the address.  This seems unnecessary.  Is there a way for me 
>> to correct this or is it a bug for Jaunty?  Thanks.  I have a working 
>> kmail but am not using it at the moment because I haven't moved the 
>> addressbook and email records over yet; is this a problem for kmail users?
>> Steven
> Put the following line in your prefs.js file:
> network.protocol-handler.app.http
> For the value, type in the path and name of the browser you want to use.
> Ian
I first typed prefs.js in the find option of Dolphin.  There were eight 
places to find 'prefs.js'  Three were read only.  The one in the 
/root/etc/thunderbird/profile/ said not to edit.  The one in 
/home/steven/.mozilla-thunderbird/cfk9v44c.default/ said not to edit 
too, however, said  * To make a manual change to preferences, you can 
visit the URL about:config
 * For more information, see 
 */.  Is this a step I should do?  I am trying to work this out, by 
doing everything I can without help, but your brief answer did not say 
which prefs.js file to edit.  Additionally, do I eliminate from 
consideration the ones that do not have write permission?  The second, 
which caused these questions says there are 'read and write' permission, 
but also says 'Do not edit this file'.  The third included .wine in it's 
address, so I did not consider this 'prefs.js' option.  The fourth is 
read only and when open says to not edit, and then says if you do make 
changes to this file while the browser is running, the changes will be 
overwritten when the browser exits.  That seems conflicting to me.

A pattern is being established here where the computer is telling me to 
not edit, then telling me if I do to make changes to the manual.  I 
don't know enough about what I am doing to take that instruction.  I 
realize I can enter Dolphin in root to make changes, but I am hesitant, 
because of the 'Do Not' instructions.  If I do enter Dolphin using root 
privileges, do I make the change in all 8 entries, or does a single 
entry change them all?  Or are each of the 'prefs.js' entries different 
in content, so I have to be sure to edit the right one?

I have been operating computers for 20 years and have learned little 
until the List.  I am in a new box this time and don't want to screw it 
up.  These questions probably sound stupid, but before when I was 
confronted with so  many options, I would start experimenting and 
screwed things up.  This time, I want to learn properly and not make as 
many mistakes, and experiment less until I know a little more.

In anticipation of your last instruction and to lessen reply by at least 
one email, when I enter the words you suggest, to I just enter them at 
the end of the list of instructions I see when in the proper window, or 
do I insert the line somewhere before in the list?  I hope this is not 
too much a bother.

Please tell me if I am to make changes to the manual preferences?  Thanks!


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