Reminder: Kubuntu-users mailing list posting guidlines

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Mar 19 22:17:23 UTC 2009

>  * Threads and subject changes - please modify the thread subject if
> it is not going to relate to the original post. It is much better to
> start a fresh subject than to use another as more people may notice
> the fresh topic.

Let's clarify that. If you reply to a message,
_even_if_you_change_the_subject_, then threaded email clients will put
the reply under the original message. That means that your message
will not be seen by people not following that thread.

So if you have a totally new question, DO NOT take a shortcut and
reply to a message in order to avoid starting a new message by simply
changing the subject. If it is important and you replied to a thread
that I am ignoring, then I won't see your mail. If it is important and
you replied to a thread that I am participating in, then I will ignore
it as offtopic. Either way, your message will be ignored.

When in doubt, start a new thread.

Dotan Cohen


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