gos - Ubuntu derivative

Stefan Scheerer info at stefanscheerer.de
Thu Mar 19 15:35:18 UTC 2009

Bruce Marshall schrieb:
> On Thursday 19 March 2009, Stefan Scheerer wrote:
>> GOS-Gadgets works fine on my Samsung NC10. But I am waiting for
>> GOS-Cloud. I think, this could be the killer-ubuntu for netbooks. we
>> will see.
> What (in your view) would make it a killer-ubuntu for notebooks?
> (running XFCE on an eee PC here)
I think, a (very) fast boot-up-time (maybe 10-20 sec.) would be the main 
killer-feature for a netbook-linux-os. full acpi for battary-saving 
and/or long standby-times and out-of-the-box-work for all fn-keys.

BTW: I have also tried the alpha 5 (not 6) ubuntu Jaunty from am 
pen-drive on my nc10. the fn-keys are fully recognized, acpi works ootb 
and I think the boot up time is faster than 8.10. So, I think Jaunty is 
on a very good way.

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