Restricted extras installed, but movie doesn't play audio Jaunty Alpha 6 KDE

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Mar 19 13:58:50 UTC 2009

> Steven, I think most of your previous problems were probably from a botched 
> install, or user error. In my 13 or so years using linux, I've never 
> encountered as many problems as you have in the past 2 or 3 months.
I am almost certain of it.  Now that I have had help, things are 
drastically changing.  I am running an alpha that seems to me like a 
stable application.  I had my former box so screwed up with workarounds 
and inexperienced configurations, I am surprised it worked at all.  
Computers are really pretty bullet proof.  As I learn more now, things 
are stabilizing.  Thanks to you and the list.

I just formatted the box that was my problem and installed an alpha 
Xubuntu on it.  It works perfectly and all due to the help I have been 
getting from the list.  I really think my computer is properly 
configured now.  I don't expect all the trouble I have had.  Haven't you 
heard the chatter about how screwed my mounting was.  It simply amazes 
me how well things work when properly put together.  Eberhard and Hein 
are most responsible for my progress, because we have become pretty 
close friends and they help me even off list.

It is just wonderful understanding what I am doing finally.  Not always, 
but more than not now.  I am very happy.  BTW I just found out what that 
and lol mean and I have been on computers for 20 years, just not 
communicating with people who know what they are doing.  Hah!

> I've used kmail since it's inception, and never had a problem with it.
I could not even get it to work in Intrepid.  It had to be some 
workaround I made that kept it from working because I have used it since 
Feisty and am using it again in Alpha Jaunty.
> Anyway, I think your last install was messed up, and the more you tried to 
> fiddle and fix it, it got worse.
For years.  Until the List, I used bandaides.
> I'm glad your Jaunty install is working good for you. I took your word and  
> installed jaunty on my laptop and from the very beginning the Ethernet 
> wouldn't work. This has been a perfectly working automated thing since I don't 
> know when, and so I had to manually add my entries to /etc/network/interfaces, 
> and I had to create my own /etc/resolv.conf file and add the proper entries.
lol.  I have never had it work well before.  With Jaunty it immediately 
set itself up.  I did nothing and it worked.  I am sorry.  It worked 
perfect for me.  Like you said they sometimes update things that take 
you back a step.  I haven't noticed it yet though.  I won't keep selling 
it, if it doesn't work the same for everyone.  It works absolutely 
perfect for me, except the print screen key.  The Only problem.
> I'm not griping, the procedures to me aren't nothing. Just wanted to use this 
> as an example to you, that sometimes things are botched from the beginning and 
> not every install is the same.
I think GOD killed a demon in my box, because the new computer is 
nothing like the old.  It works.  I had to fix something every day with 
the other one.

Blessings to you brother,


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