Restricted extras installed, but movie doesn't play audio Jaunty Alpha 6 KDE

David McGlone david at
Thu Mar 19 12:40:30 UTC 2009

On Thursday 19 March 2009 7:40:02 am Steven Vollom wrote:
> Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> > Hi Steven,
> >
> > On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 09:49, Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at> 
> >> I had already installed kubuntu-restricted-extras, so when I tried to
> >> play a movie, I expected it to work.  Video is perfect but no audio and
> >> no mutes on anything.  Mixer settings seem right.
> >
> > It might as well be a bug. Did you search the bugs database at launchpad?
> >
> > Be aware that running alpha software is not meant for a productive
> > system nor for basic users as there are quite some glitches and bugs
> > that might appear during the development. Maybe just be patient and
> > think next time before you install alpha software ...
> >
> >> I was notified that there are 76 upgrades when I checked to make sure
> >> extras were installed.  It said the latest version, but the 76 upgrades
> >> stumped me.  Additionally there are at least 15 uninstalled updates or
> >> upgrades shown in the package manager.  It looks like a permissions
> >> thing, but that is over my inexperienced head.  Anyone have any ideas
> >> for a cure?  TIA
> >
> > See my above comment. Having 30-50 upgradeable packages a day in an
> > alpha system is normal. Again, I don't know who suggested you should
> > install Jaunty, but it was certainly not a good advice.
> I just love it.  It works better than either Hardy or Intrepid for me.
> It solved problems I could not fix using Intrepid, even with the use of
> the List.  For example, kmail would not install using the proper
> configuration.  Nonetheless, when I installed Jaunty, I thought I would
> give it a try.  There may be more, but all I remeber is typing in the
> pop and smtp addresses and it immediately worked.
> After hearing all the negative talk about nVidia problems, the default
> drivers worked as good as any I have experienced.  But when I installed
> the latest nVidia drivers, the change was dramatic.  I am an artist with
> over sixty years experience, so perhaps my evaluation of the color and
> clearity is worthy of consideration.  It was a great improvement over
> Intrepid, which I thought was just great.  But when I experienced the 3D
> effects, I was blown away.  It is breath taking.  The realism is so real
> that it looks like you can reach right in the monitor and touch the
> objects.  Every configuration I have previously experienced with other
> distributions has been improved.  I would go back for anything.  And
> this is just a little bump in the road, as far as I am concerned.  I
> appreciate your concern, but I am totally happy with my decision.
> My new motherboard is rather upscale, I believe.  nVidia 780a.  Suitable
> drivers for this chip could not be found in any other Linux 64 bit
> application that I know of.  It was the primary reason that I made the
> decision to upgrade to the Alpha version of Jaunty.  No one talked me
> into anything.  This and the print screen not working are the only
> glitches I have experienced so far, and I have successfully played
> movies with sound already.  I am sure it is a problem with a simple
> solution.  If I find it myself, I will post the result on this post.
> > So, be patient, expect to have things that will break even if it
> > worked before. The beta release should be up for testing on March 26th
> > which will be more stable.
> I also liked Intrepid, but the current issue of Jaunty Alpha 6 is far
> more stable than Intrepid stable version, in my opinion.  Other than the
> two glitches I have mentioned here, everything in Jaunty works perfect.
> I haven't used everything, of  course, but all the things I use most,
> work perfect.  This distribution may give Microsoft a real challenge.
> It is almost all GUI and easy to figure out.  Shoot, if I can do it,
> anyone can.
> If you haven't tried it; I think you should.  You will simply be
> amazed.  You are right though the updates seem to make things even
> better, but I have no complaint with what preceded the update, with the
> exception of the above mentioned glitches.

Steven, I think most of your previous problems were probably from a botched 
install, or user error. In my 13 or so years using linux, I've never 
encountered as many problems as you have in the past 2 or 3 months.

I've used kmail since it's inception, and never had a problem with it.

Anyway, I think your last install was messed up, and the more you tried to 
fiddle and fix it, it got worse.

I'm glad your Jaunty install is working good for you. I took your word and  
installed jaunty on my laptop and from the very beginning the Ethernet 
wouldn't work. This has been a perfectly working automated thing since I don't 
know when, and so I had to manually add my entries to /etc/network/interfaces, 
and I had to create my own /etc/resolv.conf file and add the proper entries.

I'm not griping, the procedures to me aren't nothing. Just wanted to use this 
as an example to you, that sometimes things are botched from the beginning and 
not every install is the same.

David M.

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