Thanks for the Virus. RESOLVED

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Mar 18 18:24:29 GMT 2009

> Do not drive a formula-1 with the pedal on the floor, if you are not "ONE-of-Those"!
> You'll just end up in the wall.
> This may be not what you wished to hear, but it is the cruel realty.
> Truly yours.
> (PS: just make sure you are not in the "FORMAT C: /U" group 
>      who is surprised to find the disk empty afterwards.)
I have been using a computer for about 20 years.  I am just starting to 
learn how to use one properly.  I haven't had the problems I am now 
having and did not know that it was common.  I don't even remember 
people ever taking shots at me before on a computer, so this is all 
really very new to me.  But I am learning. 

One thing I would like to mention to all who continue to respond, Why?  
This post has educated me, but continues.  There must be 100 replies by 
now.  I have gotten the message and am sorry for those who were annoyed 
by it.  My motivations were different from the reasons for all the 
chastisement.  Beating a dead dog, killing a fly with a sledge hammer 
both seem inappropriate for this problem. 

By now, all who read this post have gotten the idea of the majority.  
Since I have been out of the loup so long, how about cutting me some 
slack, I learn and have gotten your point.  Just consider the amount of 
List space this is occupying.  I only needed one negative answer to get 
the point and change what I am doing.  I won't do it again, I promise.  
You complain about me.  Well look at your conduct in the manner.  Or is 
it your nature to pile on when a person is beat half to death.  I GET 


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