Is there something like the old XF86Setup package out there? Text mode?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Mar 19 08:37:56 UTC 2009

> XF86config program used to do. This machine has ps2 ports for both the
> keyboard and mouse. Worse comes to worse, I'll jam FC5 on it. Yes, I did
> disable support for USB keyboard and mouse use in the bios. That didn't
> work. 
> Poor ole "Mom's Machine". <grins> Ric
I almost hate to enter like this because of my inexperience, but I have 
had such success with Jaunty Alpha that I will put in  my 2 cents.  I 
understand that Xubuntu is leaner but a good distribution of Jaunty 
Alpha.  I use KDE, but I have not read any negatives about the Gnome 

Anyway, Jaunty has really moved to no brainer setups.  It took me less 
than 15 seconds to install Kmail, and I couldn't even get it to install 
on Intrepid.  Drivers for my nVidia video card took even less time, and 
all I heard about it was its troubles, not on my installation.  I 
thought I had great video with the default install, but the updated 
drivers, 180.37 for me, were the most dramatic achievement I have 
experienced.  The colors were better, art being my forte, my input is 
not as questionable as other advice I might give, but at least to me 
there is a richness that was not there before, and when I was totally 
satisfied.  What really blew me away were the 3D effects.  So real it 
looked like you could put your hand into the screen.

I am just thinking you may want to consider Xubuntu Jaunty alpha.  It is 
less problematic than either Hardy or Intrepid, in my opinion, and is a 
dream when installing things.  I hope this is not a presumption.


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