Is there something like the old XF86Setup package out there? Text mode?

Knapp magick.crow at
Thu Mar 19 07:36:46 UTC 2009

> Well, this is an old machine that Mom handed off to me. I remember when
> she bought it that I was jealous as heck. Now it's aging iron. During
> the install, I did it using graphical mode and everything worked just
> fine, until it was done and rebooted. Now it locks up at the point the
> screen does graphics, both the mouse and keyboard will not respond. But,
> I can use text mode just fine. This new scheme of xorg.conf just ain't
> cutting it, so I'll hand edit it, if I have to. I was hoping to find
> something that would assist me in making good choices as the old
> XF86config program used to do. This machine has ps2 ports for both the
> keyboard and mouse. Worse comes to worse, I'll jam FC5 on it. Yes, I did
> disable support for USB keyboard and mouse use in the bios. That didn't
> work.
> Poor ole "Mom's Machine". <grins> Ric
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> My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:

I have fought this type of battle many times, I would say head over to
Distrowatch and pick out a Linux made for old systems. This will cut
you headaches in half. Xubuntu will run on my old systems though but
you have to cut out a lot and it the end just going the easy bath is

Douglas E Knapp

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