e-Sword, first success (and 2nd)

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 18 20:15:22 UTC 2009

> As you see from the subject line, I've now got it working on 32bit Intrepid 
> 8.10, and havn't done as much as you yet.
> This is what I did. Went to winehq, installed GPG key,
Inexperienced in search.  I went to Winehq looking for GPG key.  I 
couldn't find it.  I am not sure what a GPG key is either.  But if it is 
needed to upgrand wine, would you help me, please.

>  and the stanza 
> necessary to access the repo. Apt-get update, then apt-get dist upgrade. 
I just did the following:  sudo apt-get upgrade wine.  A tremendous 
amount of change took place.  Since I reinstalled, wine, I will need to 
renstall e-Sword to, won't I?  Should I get that from the e-Sword 
download page or is there another approach for Jaunty installations?


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