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2009/3/18 Thomas K Gamble <tkg at>:
> On Tuesday 17 March 2009 08:10:40 pm Clay Weber wrote:
>> On Tuesday 17 March 2009 7:22:12 pm Jonas Norlander wrote:
>> > > You can enable it again with this settings in xorg.conf
>> > > Section "ServerFlags"
>> > > Option "DontZap" "no"
>> > > EndSection
>> > >
>> > > / Jonas
>> Also, here is the link to the spec for this in the wiki:
> <rant>
> After reading some of the arguments on the discussion linked to from the
> above, it is obvious that this is all about hand holding of Windows users
> that might be trying to make the switch to Linux.  One commentor even
> suggested that rebooting the computer was the proper alternative to
> restarting the X server! I quote: "Reset is a much better alternative to
> ctrl+alt+backspace because it's documented: as in, IT SAYS "RESET" ON IT!"
> Another suggested disabling the ctl-alt-f# keys as well!  The Ubuntu
> development team has clearly been infiltrated by Windows centric developers.

:| not clear to me, do you mean "removing the combination" is holding
windozers hands, or is it "leaving the combination"? I believe most
people who were disagreeing with it being disabled by default were
concerned about the loss of a useful shortcut, and some because they
know they will get more requests of help from their friends that they
cannot answer easily. Doesn't seem a windows vs linux problem, really.
BTW, given the amount of emails I've seen recently about problems with
KDE, it looks like many early adopters of the last Kubuntu have
struggled with the graphic environment, and they are unlikely to be
windoze newbies crying for help :).

> In my opinion I think new users need to understand that this is NOT Windows.
> It is a different OS with different features and excentricities that will
> take some time to learn and appreciate.  If the goal is to provide a windows
> clone then why bother since windows is a good enough windows already.
> I understand that wanting to protect data from inadvertant loss is a worthy
> goal, but nowhere in the discussion did I find that anyone actually
> experienced this or had first hand knowledge of this happening to someone.
> It is all based on supposition and supposition is poor reason for
> implementing change.
> </rant>
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