Thanks for the Virus.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Mar 18 19:19:19 UTC 2009

> - you have been trying wine and some windows program; it is possible 
> that the trials left processes running in the background and eating 
> memory or cpu cycles (not by malice, of the program or of anyone else, 
> just by mistake - back when I was a rookie programmer, i.e. a couple of 
> years ago, I happened to have the same problem while debugging stuff: 
> many many processes being left open, computer crawling like an injured 
> seal in the Sahara);
I really don't know, and this problem is so long ago, I can't remember 
the particulars.  I would hope it is something like that.  If it ever 
happens again, I will take that approach and seek help if need be.  Thanks.
> - you have been experiencing some sort of attack by bots or spammers: 
> e.g., someone from the internet was scanning the ports of your computer 
> trying to find a vulnerability, and wasting your cpu time while doing 
> that. This could be done automatically and at random, so there is no 
> malice against you specifically in the people who do that. They are a 
> pain in the neck, agreed, but this is not too likely the situation;
That also is a new experience.  I suppose I haven't used my computer in 
a way that invites that problem if such is the case.  This is the first 
time in 20 years I have found a source to help me.  So, I am doing lots 
of things in a different way.  I have learned more in the last couple of 
months than in the entire 20 years I have been using a computer.  My 
first was a Microsoft 3.1 box.  I heard about the spy stuff and ad 
stuff, but it just did not touch me.
> - you have been visiting web sites which were poorly designed or sparked 
> incompatibilities with your browser. I've never seen that happening on 
> Facebook, but I have a friend who reports her laptop to regularly slow 
> down to the point of being unusable when visiting Facebook. She has 
> windoze XP and Firefox, so completely different setup from yours, but 
> still not impossible;
On the box that had the problem, I do have Firefox.  I hadn't weened 
myself to Konqueror yet.  My new computer only has Konqueror for a 
browser.  Although I really liked having my start page Google search 
without the ads, there are features incomparable in Konqueror that I 
want to use.  Technical improvements.  I don't want to stay a noobie 
> - some other thing that I don't have half a clue about.
> Note that none of these mean that someone was targeting YOU. I don't 
> remember exactly who said that malice is overrated as a motive for 
> people, and to never look for it if stupidity covers the problems you 
> see (I don't mean your stupidity, I mean bugs and menial mistakes. You'd 
> be surprised how many of those I've seen being made by young, healthy 
> and otherwise normal university students - which are supposedly smarter 
> than the Average Joe).
> I.
When I made the post, it fit with my experience on a computer.  Firstly, 
I was being poked at for reasons that were not accurate, and then 
followed by a barrage of problems that were similar to several virus 
attacks that I experienced back in windows, excepting the email  stuff.  
And that registered as someone really trying to muck up my computer, 
like for revenge to something I said.  I am probably wrong, but at the 
time it seemed obvious.  I wasn't even so angry as most suppose.  I am 
just old and was trying a psychology that might save a young person with 
some savage reprisals in the future.

I learned my lesson and will not do it again.  There were not enough 
people who supported me, so I am confident my true motives were not 
understood.  Thank you for this response.  It is the approach I 
expected.  I need a lot of help, more because I have been reclusive for 
the past 40 years, than to keep my computer alive, which is my reason 
for the list.  But I seem to be naive to what the world has become.  I 
am ashamed to say that I haven't read a newspaper or had a TV until just 
recently, and am not a news watcher.  I hear enough about the serious 
matters of the world in my contacts when I go grocery shopping to know 
that things are changing.  I am sorry to say that I am not really happy 
with the things I am learning.

Early this morning when people are asleep, I watched a show on the 
'This' called Mr. Ed.  It was about a talking horse.  I remembered 
watching often when it was on the air weekly.  I though what a change 
the world has become since my time of being more a part of it.  I am a 
retired fine artist that has only made art for about 40 years and not 
really participated in what is normal life.  It is like coming out of 
the dark ages and going into darker ages.  Thanks for the input.


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